Do You Have a Bright Child that Struggles with Reading, Spelling, and Writing?

Nearly 1 in 5 children can’t read well because of dyslexia. But children that have dyslexia are usually very bright. They struggle to read because their brains are wired differently. Even the traditional phonics programs or reading centers will not work.
What will work is one-on-one, multi-sensory therapy that is proven by research to remediate children with dyslexia. That is the kind of tutoring that I can offer.

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Audiobooks Part 2

There are many ways for kids to listen to audiobooks. Last time I talked about how to set up your iPhone or iPad to read a book to you. Another way to listen to audiobooks is to join Learning Ally or Bookshare. In order to get books from Learning Ally and/or Bookshare, you will need … Continue reading Audiobooks Part 2

Audiobooks- Is it cheating? Part 1

Many people think that audiobooks are a way to cheat if a child is not reading or not on grade level for reading. But in fact it is not. This article states the research behind what happens in the brain when listening to audiobooks. https://www.discovermagazine.com/mind/audiobooks-or-reading-to-our-brains-it-doesnt-matter?fbclid=IwAR1ULtfTrsa_DmeKwKjohUSZIb6oNa0bI9C-gPx6gveg86JXzbu8miUctQE Audiobooks are so very important for a dyslexic child. They … Continue reading Audiobooks- Is it cheating? Part 1

New Assessment App

Last year I was able to beta test an app that Dr. Brock Eide developed for screening for dyslexia. You can now purchase it for iOS. For $50 you will get 3 assessments to use which is very handy especially if you have several children that struggle. It tests several different areas and provides you … Continue reading New Assessment App

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