Do You Have a Bright Child that Struggles with Reading, Spelling, and Writing?

Nearly 1 in 5 children can’t read well because of dyslexia. But children that have dyslexia are usually very bright. They struggle to read because their brains are wired differently. Even the traditional phonics programs or reading centers will not work.
What will work is one-on-one, multi-sensory therapy that is proven by research to remediate children with dyslexia. That is the kind of tutoring that I can offer.

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Blends can be such a hard concept to master.  Those sneaky /r/ and /n/ sounds are so easily left out or added into words.  This free game can be used with Barton Reading and Spelling or with any Orton Gillingham program. It includes nonsense words for more advanced work.  Click here for your free blends … Continue reading Blends

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