Audiobooks Part 2

There are many ways for kids to listen to audiobooks. Last time I talked about how to set up your iPhone or iPad to read a book to you.

Another way to listen to audiobooks is to join Learning Ally or Bookshare. In order to get books from Learning Ally and/or Bookshare, you will need to fill out paperwork that states your child has a print disability. Learning Ally does have human readers that read the book whereas Bookshare has a digital voice.

There are several others programs that you can try for audiobooks like Hoopla, Audible, Overdrive, Libby, and Epic. I personally love Hoopla and it’s free through my local library. I have used Audible and Overdrive too. Audible does have a monthly membership fee but Overdrive is free through my local library.

As you can see there are many different options for Audiobooks. It really depends on if you want to pay a membership fee and what kind of books you enjoy (human or digital voice).

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