Audiobooks- Is it cheating? Part 1

Many people think that audiobooks are a way to cheat if a child is not reading or not on grade level for reading. But in fact it is not. This article states the research behind what happens in the brain when listening to audiobooks.

Audiobooks are so very important for a dyslexic child. They help build vocabulary, comprehension and engages the child’s imagination.

There are many different ways you can get audiobooks. First you can set up your Apple device to read what is on your screen including books, PDFs, and websites. Under Settings, click on Accessibility, and then Spoken Content. Turn on Speak Selection and Speak Screen. Now when you highlight a selection of words a menu with appear to copy, paste, etc. One of the items that will appear is Speak. If you click on Speak, the highlighted content will be read to you. If you want the whole page read to you, brush your 2 fingers down the front of your screen and a menu will pop up which allows you to pause, fast forward, rewind, and speed up or slow down the voice. It will automatically start reading the page too.

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